When it comes to planning your wedding, no matter if it’s local or abroad, knowing where to start can seem daunting for any newly engaged couple. While some couples may opt to hire a professional wedding planner to help them or use our in house planning team – here’s the essentials you need to know…

Organisation is key to staying on top of your wedding planning when you’re faced with deadlines, lists, decisions as well as your everyday life too. The first thing is to ensure you give yourselves plenty of time to plan the wedding of your dreams, most brides opt for 12-18 months of planning. Use spreadsheets, google docs and word to create checklists and keep on top of things and don’t worry our in house team will be on hand to help you so you won’t miss a thing!

First things first, Money! When it comes to making most of your decisions and wedding arrangements, you’ll need to bear in mind your budget as it’ll be the driving force behind most decisions. If family members will be contributing, chat with them openly and ask what they’re comfortable with contributing. If the costs will be solely down to yourself and your partner, sit down to discuss finances and your budget. Top tip: be prepared to build a 10% ‘cushion’ for any additional splurges and unexpected costs that may arise too.

Your Wedding style is an important reflection of you and your partner. Research and check out as many bridal inspiration sources as you can – pinterest, instagram, magazines and bridal sites are great places to start. Having a good sense of what style you want will help your wedding vendors create the day you’re dreaming of.

Once you’ve decided on your budget and style, next comes your priorities. What’s important to you both for your Wedding day? Is a specific date or perhaps a certain vendor your main priority? Prioritize these things when it comes to setting your date and sticking to your budget so as to factor them in carefully.

Ask other married couples for their advice and insights! Maybe you’ve recently been to a wedding and they had something you enjoyed (or disliked)? Maybe they came across some things they didn’t expect and can offer you some advice. There’s plenty of Cyprus Bride chat rooms on facebook too, many of them Liopetro Brides present and past that also may be able to help advise you too.

Whilst it can seem daunting, be sure to have fun along the way and include your other half too – it’s their day as much as yours. It’s easy to take on the role and jobs all yourself but you don’t have to, you’re in this together so be sure to share this part of the journey together too. Working together on a common goal, like your wedding day, will help strengthen your bond and grow as a couple as you tackle items as a team.

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