Whilst a lot of your wedding day should remain a surprise for your guests, there are some details that they really should know beforehand. Whether you have your own wedding website or are placing an insert in the wedding invitations, here are some must know details to let your guests in on before the big day.

#1 Other Wedding Events

As well as the big day, don’t forget to tell your guests about any other events leading up to or after the big day, such as gettogether drinks/ dinner the day before, brunch the following day, or any trips and experiences in Cyprus that you have planned too.

#2 When to RSVP

One thing guests always  tend to forget – your RSVP date! No matter how clear it is on the invitation don’t be surprised if come your RSVP date a lot of guests have failed to respond. We’re all human and tend to forget things, however when you have table plans to make and numbers to give for catering needs etc, you’ll need to know exactly who is and isn’t attending.

#3 Dress Code

Your guests will genuinely want to attend in the appropriate attire and something that’s suitable for Cyprus’ sunshine too, and no one wants to feel under/ overdressed. Give them a little direction towards what you expect them to wear and be clear.

#4 Your Wedding Hashtag

If you’re planning on having a wedding hashtag, let everyone know before or on the day (some cool signage can come in handy here) to let guests know what hashtag to use throughout the wedding day, their stay in Cyprus and during any of the wedding related events you have planned.

#5 Speeches

If there’s anyone that you wish to give a speech, toast or a reading, be sure to let them know well in advance so that they can plan what they’re going to say and prepare themselves. Try not to wait until the last minute to give them plenty of time and be sure to let them know when in the wedding they’ll be speaking, who in which order and if there’s someone like a planner or DJ that will introduce them.

#6 Accommodation

Maybe you’re arranging a discount for guests or letting them know which hotel is easiest/ preferred – this is something they’ll definitely want to know when booking their flights and accommodation.

# 7 Transportation

Are you arranging any transport for guests to get to your venue altogether? Be sure to let them know what time the transport will be leaving or how to book their own transport if they need to.

#8 Gift Etiquette

No doubt your guests will want to get you a little something to celebrate your new chapter together. Before they shop or begin to worry about traveling your gift for your wedding let them know the best way to give you your gift, or perhaps you’d like to politely ask them to contribute to your honeymoon or future as Mr & Mrs.

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