The holidays are quickly approaching with Christmas almost just a week away! You may be taking a little break from wedding planning to let the Xmas festivities take over, as will most your suppliers and of course this time of the year is best spent with your family and friends.

However, if you can’t sit idle on your wedding planning then why not make the most of this time and put your wedding website together in the meantime…

Wedding websites are a great resource for you and your guests, helping to keep them informed and up to date with schedules, times and helping them plan their stay in Cyprus too.

#1 Incorporate your Wedding Theme
Give your guests a taste of your wedding to come by designing your website in the same style as your wedding palette. Using the same colours throughout the website to match your stationary, if you’re including elements like nature or opting for a clean minimalist approach showcase this with your website too.

#2 Keep it secure
Using a password to protect your website is great to keep your wedding information private and secure from anyone and everyone on the internet

#3 Travel Info
Provide your guests with as much information as possible about where to stay, where to book accommodation close to your venues, car hires etc. along with any people that they should contact to do so. Tip: Some hotels will offer group bookings if your wedding attendees book a certain number of rooms you can ask for a better price for everyone’s stay.

#4 Time’s of the essence
You’ve planned this day down to a T, so be sure to let your guests know timings! What time to be at the ceremony and where, what time the reception starts and so on. Be sure to include time, locations and dress codes even so guests can prepare in advance. If you’ve arranged any of the transport for your guests – make sure they know this and where to jump on too.

#5 Introduce them to Cyprus
Maybe your guests have visited Cyprus before or maybe they haven’t! Your wedding website is a great place to recommend local places to visit and activities to see and do whether that’s by themselves or as a group planned activity. Give them a little introduction to Cyprus and what to expect weather wise (to help them plan their outfits) and get them excited about their visit too!

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