If you’re recently engaged – congratulations! You’re about to embark on such an incredibly exciting journey and chapter of your lives. Our team is here to make it as stress free as possible for you! Before you get really stuck into your wedding planning, there are a few common questions to ask yourself to make sure you don’t miss a thing…

1. How many guests do we want to invite? Or who can we not imagine getting married without?

Your budget will have a huge impact on the size of your wedding, and one of the first things you need to ask yourselves is how many people you would like to invite. Are there people that you can’t envision your big day without or are you looking to celebrate with as many people as possible? Be sure to ask our team regarding the latest covid restrictions and if this will have to be taken into consideration, which leads us to #2…

2. How will the current covid regulations affect our day?

As things are ever changing with covid, whilst they’re looking on the upside, if anything changes our team will keep you up to date with any changes that will affect your wedding date so you don’t need to worry!

3. How do we make our wedding stand out?

Every couple wants their wedding to have the ‘wow factor’, but this isn’t necessarily down to elaborate elements especially if your budget can’t afford it. This will come from small and meaningful details – your wedding should be a personalised reflection of you and your fiance, that alone will make it stand out and your guests will remember it for years to come.

4. When should we send out the invitations?

This depends on how far in advance your wedding is, and whether your wedding guests will need to fly in from abroad to attend. If the latter, ideally the sooner the better, most couples will send invitations 12-8 months in advance for a wedding abroad and 6-8 months before for a local wedding.

5. Should I hire a _______ ?

Firstly, do you want ______ for/ at your wedding? Secondly, how does this fit into your budget? If it’s an important part of your day then why not see if you can work your budget around this vendor?

6. How do we choose a colour scheme/ theme?

Extensive research! Check out some of our past weddings, inspirational pinterest boards, magazine articles and social media profiles of your vendors for even more inspiration. The more research you can do the better and be sure to opt for something that feels right for you both as a couple too.

7. What should the timeline of our wedding day look like?

The time of the year that you have your wedding will affect what time your sunset photos will be, your ceremony venue and any particulars of your day will affect the timeline. Our team or your wedding planner will be able to assist you here to make sure your day will run smoothly!

8. Do we need a wedding planner?

This is entirely up to you, your budget and personal preference will help you here, every wedding planner works differently and they can be a great way to ease some of the stress off of you. particularly if there are a lot that will need coordinating on the day of.

9. Who should give a toast?

Traditionally the Father of the Bride, Best Man and Maid of Honour will give toasts, however you can modify this as you wish and depending on your circumstances and wedding party.

10. Is there anything I am forgetting?

There’s plenty of online checklists and our team is always on hand to assist you to keep track of things, so if you feel like you could be forgetting something – just ask 🙂

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